Прикольные картинки

Подборка прикольных картинок для хорошего настроения

Behaviour category – commended. The Contenders by Simone Caprodossi (UAE). Location: Bahia Magdalena, Mexico. Another surprise subject for this photographer who went to Bahia Magdalena to photograph blue and mako sharks. “We stopped by a small beach where fisherman land their catch”. The snappers hung off the side to shoot the pelicans diving for bait and photographic pickings were so rich they abandoned the shark shoot. (Photo by Simone Caprodossi/UPY2017)

Up-and-coming underwater photographer of the year – winner. Oceanic in the Sky by Horacio Martinez (Argentina). Location: the Red Sea. Oceanics range across entire oceans in tropical and subtropical waters and feature on the IUCN endangered list. As the judge noted of the Red Sea, Martinez has “realised its dramatic effect extremely well and used it to contrast the small shark in a big, blue, lonely world”. (Photo by Horacio Martinez/UPY2017)


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